FX-HZ Holden Car Club Geelong rules and policies 

We get asked a lot about obtaining club plates, so before you contact us asking for some red and white plates, this is what you need to know:

Club Rules

These are our rules for getting club plates. These rules are in addition to any restrictions or rules imposed by VicRoads.

  1. To qualify for a club plate permit application processed by the Geelong FX-HZ Holden Car Club, applicants must have been a financial member of the club for at least three (3) months.  
  2. Upon obtaining club plates you must participate in a minimum of 5 meetings and or club runs per year and participate in assisting with the Geelong Holden Day in March.
  3. The vehicle(s) associated with each application for a permit must be identified by the Club Scrutineer Adam as being at least 25 years of age and mechanically sound. A pre-Roadworthy check is required (at the owner's expense) and presented to the Club Scrutineers along with the vehicle for inspection.
  4. Vehicles which have had modifications outside the approved list published by VicRoads must have engineering certification. These are the same rules that apply to any vehicle which is presented to VicRoads for full registration. 
    1. Full vehicle Standards Information can be found here:
    2. The list of VicRoads Approved modifications is available in this document: VSI Guide to vehicle modifications
  5. The Geelong FX-HZ Holden Car Club reserves the right to refuse any annual renewal application to the scheme if the person is found to have infringed the conditions of operation of the permit, or has ceased to be a financial Member of the Club. Whilst the owner of the vehicle is a financial member of the FX-HZ club will continue to accept full responsibility for maintaining the vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition during its period of operation under the Victorian Club Permit Scheme (VCPS).
  6. It is a condition of the Geelong FX-HZ Holden Car Club that the operator of any vehicle being driven on the Club Permit, have the log book available for inspection on request by a Committee Member, or Club Scrutineer.   

About the Club Permit Scheme

The Victorian club permit scheme allows members of vehicle clubs that are recognised by VicRoads to make limited use of historic vehicles on the road network.

The new Scheme also places obligations on permit holders and VicRoads has the right to suspend or cancel a permit if the permit holder fails to comply with the permit conditions.  
A copy of the new Road Safety (Vehicles) Amendment (Club Permit) Regulations 2010 has been uploaded to this website (VicRoads club permit regulations) and we encourage both current permit holders and first time applicants for Club Permits to read and familiarize themselves with this document. 

Applying for a Club Permit
To apply for a Club permit you will need to complete a Club Permit Registration form on the VicRoads website or on our web site (available here).

After obtaining the permit and the associated number plate, the applicant is to complete and sign the attached letter of Operation Indemnity (see last page) and return it to the Club Secretary or Club Permit Scheme Officer.  

Should there be any change to the details submitted to Vic Roads, e.g. change of frame or engine number, change of name or address, or if the vehicle is modified in any way, you must inform Vic Roads and the FX-HZ ClubPermit Scheme Officer in writing detailing all changes. 
The Club Permit is issued annually and you should receive a renewal notice from Vic Roads approximately for to six weeks prior to the permit expiry date.  
If you do not receive a renewal notice from Vic Roads two weeks prior to the renewal date of your permit, it is your responsibility to obtain a renewal notice, which can be done by contacting Vic Roads on 13 11 71.  
Upon receipt of the Club Permit renewal, you are required to have the form signed by the FX-HZ Club Permit Scheme Officer, verifying you are still a Financial Club Member. Having received the signature of the Club Permit Scheme Officer, you may then submit the form and pay the required renewal fee to Vic Roads ensuring you retain the receipt for payment with the permit as proof of payment. 


    1. Failure to maintain financial membership of FX-HZ Club is a breach of the VCPS permit conditions and will deem any Club Permit as invalid. 
    2. If the vehicle is used on public roads without a Club Permit it will be deemed as an unregistered vehicle.  
    3. Using an unregistered vehicle on public roads is an offence under the Road Safety Act and the driver will be subject to the penalties associated with this offence.  
    4. The FX-HZ Club Secretary will notify Vic Roads in writing of any suspected non compliance with the rules appertaining to the VCPS.  
    5. On every occasion the vehicle is being utilised outside 100mtrs from place of residence, the log book must be completed and kept within the vehicle to be produced on command as complying with Club Permit restrictions from any Victoria Police Officer. Failing to produce this log book will deem the vehicle as unregistered.

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